I Will be With You and Bless You


“My most memorable experience in my faith journey was in 2016. I had just graduated from NYU so I was seeking whether it was God’s will for me to stay in New York or go back to Taiwan. I prayed hard for about three months. During that time, I read lots of passages in the Bible that said ‘live here’ or ‘stay in this land.’ This was my first time seeking God’s will so seriously. I was so torn! I totally asked God nine times whether He wants me to stay here in the U.S.  or go back to Taiwan. The seventh time, the word was clear; the verse literally said, ‘Live here as a foreigner, and I will be with you and bless you.’ (Genesis 26:3) Finally, I decided to trust God and stay in New York by myself.

After deciding to obey God’s will, I faced many difficulties. Most of my friends left and move back to their own countries. When my best friend from church moved away, I cried for four days. I felt very lonely during that time. Also, my parents didn’t believe that it was God’s will for me to stay in New York, they were against it at that time and they thought it was my own will to stay here. But God’s presence of peace filled me; I always turned to His words to find strength again.

By May of that year I almost couldn’t pay my rent. I knelt and prayed in desperation, ‘God, you wanted me to stay here, you have to make a way for me.’ A few days later, my aunt gave me a big red envelope to congratulate me on my graduation. Guess what? The amount she gave me was EXACTLY the amount I needed for my rent. God is amazing! He knows all our needs! After that miracle, God also made a way for me to successfully get an O-1 visa so I could stay here legally. I performed a recital in Carnegie Hall and I got a personal interview on TV; I know none of this was because of my own merit or effort alone, God made the way. God also provided an awesome godly husband for me. With God, all things are possible!  I can truly testify He is a faithful provider— in life’s most uncertain moments He is with me, and He blesses me!

Amy H
Flutist, NYU master’s Degree in NYC